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Tsunamism - Recital for two chords in M

It could be today or 5000 years ago, but history is irrerversible so it started today. On stage, a XXI's century woman covered with paint and loads of glitter, dances before our eyes as strange sounds are produced. One could say a goat, a pre-historical character, a faun, an inflated lady Bourgoise contaminated with Avian influenza, a bird-goat flu, a firestarter, a goddess, a Void Goddess. For moments we can see a memory of a charismatic dancer, a moving monument to ancient harmonies, or the revenge of the "Hottentot Venus”, the Black Venus who was taken prisoner of human circus in France. The piece is called "Tsunamism - recital for two cords in M", because the consonant "m" regulates the manifest. The “m” takes place in the body, it articulates gestures, it brings sound to the surface of the skin. It as an animal silence (silentio) instead of a human silence (tecere). It is the silence of anthropology, a collection of distant messagens about the invention of humans. Elizabete Francisca beholds the silence of bees and behives.

Read More about the piece soon!!! 

Elizabete Francisca was a student in Forum Dança and she premiered this solo in Culturgest in November 2013