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Alkantara residencies - Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz NEW CREATION!!

Virtuous stops, repetition, minimal variation and frantic cycles of words are part of Portuguese duet Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz previous works. In "A Gesture is nothing but a threat" (Prix Jardin d'Europe 2011), "Out of any context"( 2012) or "Unfolding" (2009), space and time are redefined by repetition of incomplete pieces of movement. It is an adventure that requires spectators talents to be still and silent. It is an inflated experience of present, an alliance between affection and rhythm and also, invention without subject: transinvention of choreography

"Sattelites (working title)" is the new creation of Sofia & Vitor in residence in Alkantara between 17th february and March the 3rd. In this new work, the duet will explore the dimension of orbit, "orbit as the minimum distance required to keep from becoming lost in each other, absorbed by the other’s gravitational pull and set on a path of inevitable collision".

Looking forward to see Sattelites!