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Elisabete Finger is a Brazilian performer and choreographer. Since 2010 she is living and working in between Berlin – GE and Curitiba – BR, doing solo projects as well as collaborations with other artists. She was one of the resident artists in Casa Hoffmann (BR), took part in the Essais program in CNDC d’Angers (FR), and concluded recently the MA SODA program (UdK/HZT, GE). As a rolex replica watches performer she collaborated with Susan Rethorst, Deborah Hay, Catherine Bay, Eszter Salomon, Christine de Smedt, Rosane Chamecki, and Andrea Lerner among others. As a choreographer, since 2004 she has been making and showing her own work in several countries (Brazil, Uruguay, France, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria) and different contexts (dance, performance, visual arts). Since ‘Amarelo’ (solo performance, Rumos Itaú Cultural Dança Award 2006/2007), she pursues a ‘logic of sensations’, investigating in her artworks an ‘eroticism of matter’: a body-matter that fuses, collides, traverses other matters. Currently she is interested in discontinuities, cuts, jumps, gaps, as to say: holes. Elisabete Finger was co-founder and member of Cauliflower Miniglobal Artistic Community (2005 – 2012) together with 7 other Brazilian artists, nowadays she keeps an ongoing artistic partnership with Michelle Moura and Neto Machado.