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Apply till the 22nd August 2012! RESEARCH INTO THE UNKNOWN / BUDAPEST (improvisacional laboratory)

Artist-in-residence program in Budapest, Hungary

8th October – 18th December, 2012

Concept by Michaela Hargitay A/H, coordinator:orologi replica Workshop Foundation/H,

Artistic coach: Eszter Gál/H

Research into the Unknow is a residency program where artists/creators and the audience can research what improvisation means in the field of contemporary arts. The program offers an intensive researching opportunity for artists/creators and focusing on the creative process, on the research itself rather then creating a performance. The program is made up of three consecutive steps, in each step the research period is followed by a presentation where  audience plays an important role by giving feedback and dialogue with the artists / creators.

The aim of the program is to encourage artists/creators who are researching improvisation as an artistic tool in the field of contemporary dance and other art forms. Each semester one Hungarian and one foreign artist/creator participate in the residency program. They choose a partner / artist from another art-form, with whom they venture into the Unknown with the tool of improvisation.


We offer you:
rehearsal space
financial support
travel costs (one trip to Budapest and back)

Who can apply?
Artist/creative who
-are experienced and curious to research into the subject of improvisation in dance
-wish to collaborate with Hungarian colleagues from a different art field
- have participated or currently are participating in any DÉPARTS program* or were/are students of P.A.R.T.S.

How to apply?
Please send the listed materials via e-mail: workshop@c3.hu

or by post: Workshop Foundation, 1094 Budapest, Liliom utca 41,

- enclosed completed application form (including concept description and from which artform you would like to choose your partner) Please pay attention to the characters required in the form; it’s very important to receive the same amount of information from everybody! We can not accept project descriptions beside the form.
-detailed CV – max.2 pages
-portrait of yourself,
- other photos and video of your work (DVD, CD-ROM, VHS,a lange & sohne replica watches it is also sufficient to provide a link if your video is available on a web page)
You can ask for the application form by email only until 21st August 5pm. CET!

Application deadline:                 22nd August 2012.
Decision:                                   5th September 2012.
Program period:                        8th October – 18th