Investing in a
new dance generation
in Europe
Inês Abreu e Silva
Culture Program of the European Comission

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Lisbon, Portugal
Since its creation in 1990, Forum Dança has worked to promote artistic and professional development, research, publishing and documentation, often bridging the gap between professionals, amateurs and audiences, adults and young people. It has designed and administered over 22 professional development courses in subjects ranging from Choreographic Research and Creation to Production and Management and Dance in the Community, to name a few – held not only in Lisbon but also around the country. Alongside these professional and vocational training programs runs a series of pedagogical projects, seminars, workshops and regular classes, catering to a broader public. In addition, Forum Dança organizes residency and mentorship programs and maintains a documentation center specialized in dance.
Forum Dança organizes a Choreographic Creation,Dance Research and Training Programme (PEPCC). PEPCC is both a pedagogical and an artistic project. It’s an intensive and advanced course in contemporary dance. It is addressed to those who want to proceed professionally in the dance field, as dancers as well as choreographers. PEPCC enables knowledge and practice within a broad spectrum of both experience and artistic knowledge. It contextualizes this work in the wide universe that is western contemporary choreographic production. It promotes training and research on techniques, methodologies and artistic processes. It encourages and enables students to develop critical and insightful thinking about themselves and about the current creative reality. It promotes interdisciplinary crossings, namely with other arts and spheres of knowledge.

PEPCC is an international training that offers a programme in touch with Portuguese reality and within a broad international context. It relies on teachers and creators of different nationalities, allowing students to artistically relate with influential authors of the international contemporary scene.

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