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Utrecht, The Netherlands

SPRING Performing Arts Festival is the result of the merger of Springdance and Festival a/d Werf. Its legal body is “Stichting Moderne Dans en Beweging”, which was also the legal body of Springdance. After more than 25 years the two old festivals merged. This was possible, because there was an increasing overlap between the two festivals, moving to cross-over from different starting-points.


SPRING Performing Arts Festival is a leading international platform for new developments in contemporary performing arts (dance, theatre and cross-over) and is actively stimulating growth and development of young promising artists, of theatre and dance as art forms and of their audience.


- To present new developments in the international contemporary performing arts in Utrecht

- To strengthen and develop (inter)national networks, to establish (inter)national co-operations in order to support the development of young artists

- To increase and broaden the public which is interested in contemporary performing arts by strategic initiatives for audience development

- To stimulate theoretical reflection in order to relate current developments in the arts with society


SPRING Performing Arts Festival is an annual festival taking place at the end of may in Utrecht. It defines itself as a platform for artistic experiences and encounters between public and art. SPRING presents an international program, but gives also Dutch makers a platform to present themselves. The program consists of many different formats: performances (dance, theatre, crossover), interactive performances, walks, talks, workshops, installations and performances in public space and in non-theatre spaces, audio-tours etc. SPRING presents mainly younger artists in Dutch or world premières. The focus lies on hybrid forms, between dance and theatre, but also to visual arts or even film or other art forms.

SPRING started SPRING academy for theatre students and young professionals. In this academy the artists of the festival give workshops and lectures to the participants in order to pass on their practice. There is also an educational programme for regular audiences with introductions, after talks, an artist in focus, guided tours to several installations and evenings with the artistic director. Dialogue with the audience is a focus point in the programming. SPRING has a festival-centre in a park in Utrecht. This meeting-place is welcoming everybody in the city with its hospitality, with a nice atmosphere and food, drinks and a music program consisting mainly of younger Dutch or Belgian bands.

SPRING co-operates with other organisations in the city, such as Stadsschouwburg, University, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKU), Stichting Vrede van Utrecht, music club EKKO, Le Guess Who? and many more.

In 2014 SPRING will be programmed around the theme “More Future!” More Future! refers to the utopian power of arts as well as to the fact that many artists discuss in their work future societies, in its many aspects.

SPRING is structurally supported by the city and province of Utrecht, by Fonds Podiumkunsten and the Cultural Program of the European Union, and works in different European networks.


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