Investing in a
new dance generation
in Europe
Inês Abreu e Silva
Culture Program of the European Comission

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Artists / A-D

Cláudia Dias Cláudia Dias

orn in Lisbon in 1972, Cláudia Dias started her classical dance training at the Academia Almadense. In 1985, she obtained a scholarship to enrol in the Companhia De Dança de Lisboa, where she would remain until 1989. From 1990 to 1997, she joined the team of the Grupo de Dança de Almada and worked, among others, with Peter Michael Dietz. In 1997-98, she attended the Cours de Formation d’Interprètes de Danse Contemporaine, which is supported by the Fórum Dança.

Cláudia Dias initiated her collaboration with RE.AL in 2001. Since then, she has performed in various projects of João Fiadeiro and has collaborated decisively in the development and systematization of the Real Time Composition method. In the framework of RE.AL Cláudia Dias has created two remarkable solos, One Woman Show (2003) and Visita Guiada (2005), which have been presented in Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Wales, Portugal and Switzerland.

“The proposal for the new creation,“ writes Rita Natálio, “is to establish a choreographic relation between a conjunction of actions effected upon an object and its oral narration, scrutinizing, questioning and pushing the implications between action and word. In developing a pattern between a single action and its description, the performance tests the limits of discourse as translator and of gesture as functional action; it tests the variations and differences between definition-commentary-opinion and the connections between time of action and time of image.“

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