Investing in a
new dance generation
in Europe
Inês Abreu e Silva
Culture Program of the European Comission

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Artists / A-D

Benjamin Vandewalle Benjamin Vandewalle

Benjamin Vandewalle studied at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp and graduated at P.A.R.T.S. in 2006. During his education, he created several works such as “Théâtre de la Guillotine” and “We Go“, a duet with Vincenzo Carta. For the performances “Birdwatching” (2009) and “One/Zero” (2011) he worked closely with visual artist Erki De Vries. In 2012 Benjamin Vandewalle creates “Birdwatching 4x4”, an outdoor location version of the original “Birdwatching”. In 2013 Benjamin will be creating his first performance as artist-in-residence at Campo (Gent, BE). Benjamin Vandewalle performed in “Studium” (2010) and “Still Animals” (2012) by Tuur Marinus / Busy Rocks. He is guest teacher at the KASK in Ghent. He also created “Point of View” (2011), a guest choreography for Passerelle. Benjamin Vandewalle collaborated with the dance programme Nykaza (South-Africa) and initiated the project Comfusao (Mozambique).

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