Investing in a
new dance generation
in Europe
Inês Abreu e Silva
Culture Program of the European Comission

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Artists / A-D

Cansu Ergin Cansu Ergin

Cansu was born in Izmir, Turkey. She started to dance  when she was 5. And for long period she danced Turkish folk dance and performed in folkdance festivals in Europe and Turkey.
She studied at the Ege University Biology/Microbiology. During her study she discovered contemporary dance with Dance Theater Group and performed with them in METU International Contemporary Dance Days in Ankara. 
After she completed her Biology/Microbiology study, she decided to follow her desire for dance. And as her fortune led her, she traveled to study dance and choreography in Berlin Danceworks ,Prague Duncan Centre State Conservatuary of contemporary dance, and in Lisbon in Forum Danca the advanced course ’ PEPCC (choreography,creation and research in dance)
 She is an  independent performer  and continues to do her researches in creation and collaborations with other artists .She was writer in some points in the dance magazine’’sempatik’’ in Turkey. And she  gives classes to the children and adults in Portugal,Czech Republic and Turkey.She works with amateur and professionals. She danced with her own pieces in Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Holland  in the international dance festivals such as  New Europe Dance Festival, Istanbul Dance Platform 2010, Odtu International Dance Days, Szolo Duo Dance Festivals, Springdance Festival. She received for her solo ’Best Performance Award’ in 2011 in Budapest Szolo Duo Dance Festival and was supported for the new creation.
During her studies she met with very important choreographers like Berrak Yedek, Michal Zahora, Eva Blazickova, Vera Mantero,Maria Hassabi,Robert Steijn, Mark Tompkins, Jennifer Lacey, Miguel Pereira,Tomeo Verges,Joe Alegado, K.J.Holmes, Meg Stuart, Francisco Camasho, Patricia Portela, Loic Touze, Lisa Nelson...among others.
She is co-founder of a collaboration group in visual and performing arts,called Homeless Kingdom with 3 other artists.
She has a new name recently given by her collegues in PEPCC program, ’ Janush’. Which is a very important role in her new beginning carreer!
She is interested in becomings and process. And so how the changes effect the body/mind/soul that transform into some other beings.