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Artists / A-D

Charlotte Vanden Eynde Charlotte Vanden Eynde


Charlotte Vanden Eynde (born 1975 in Belgium) studied contemporary dance at the High Institute for Dance in Lier(1993 - 1996) and at P.A.R.T.S. (1996 - 1999), the Brussels school for contemporary dance headed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. During her studies she created the solo “Benenbreken“,swiss replica watches the duet “Zij Ogen“  and the quartet “Vrouwenvouwen“. In 2000 she made the duet “ in collaboration with Ugo Dehaes and in 2001 she created two installation-performances: “Ligging“ in Kaaitheater (Brussels) and “Stand“ in wp Zimmer (Antwerp). Since 2001 she collaborated three times with stage director Jan Decorte  for “Amlett“ (choreography, dance and play), “Cirque Danton“  (choreography) and “Canniballi“(choreography, dance and play). In 2002 she danced in ‘Most Recent’, a dance piece by Marc Vanrunxt, and she coached the presentation of the graduating collections of the third year students fashion of the Brussels’ school La cambre. The same year she was engaged as leading actress in “Meisje“, the first long feature movie by  Belgian movie director Dorotée van den Berghe, for which she was nominated as ‘Best Belgian Actrice 2001/2002’ and received a best actress award in Amiens (F). In 2002-2003 she followed a part-time education video- and film art at the Poyal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 2003 she created the duet “MAP ME“ with Kurt Vandendriessche, in which video-projections played a prominent role. For this creation she received the Creation-award Dance 2003 from the SACD-Belgium. MAP ME was shown all over Europe during four years en finished with a tour in the USA. In 2004 she made the video-installation “Baby“ and in 2005 “Beginnings/Endings“  a dance-piece for six dancers, in which she returned to pure movement. In 2006 she created the video-installation “Verroering“ for the Musuem Dhont-Dhaenens in Deurle (B), which was also presented at the Poëziezomers 2006 in Watou (B) together with ‘Baby’. In 2007 she worked on the  choreography of the theatermonologue “Het was zonder twifel een ongeluk“ by  Natali Broods and tg Stan. For the season 2007-2008 she made for Kaaitheater the pictures for the covers of the program-flyers and the movies for TV-spots. In July 2008 she created the performance “Persdrang“ for the mini-dancefestival Dansand at the beach of Oostende (B). During the season 2008-2009 she coached the theatre-piece Honger by Elke Boon and Dolores Bouckaert. In October 2009 she premiered a new dance solo under the title “I’m sorry It’s (Not) A Story“.

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