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Artists / A-D

Alix Eynaudi Alix Eynaudi

Alix Eynaudi was trained as a ballet dancer in the Opéra de Paris. She worked in various ballet companies before entering PARTS when the school first opened. She then joined Rosas where she worked for 6 years. Alix lives and works in Brussels, creating her own pieces: Crystalll, in collaboration with Alice Chauchat (2005), Supernaturel (2007), Komposition (2008)in collaboration with Anne Juren, Marianne Baillot and Agata Maszkiewicz, The Visitants (2008), a video project in collaboration with Agata Maszkiewicz. in 2009, Agata and Alix continued their collaboration with Long Long Short Long Short. Alix also works as a performer with a.e.the collective Superamas (BIG3 happy/end, Empire arts/politics), Kris Verdonck (I II III IIII) and others. In 2011, Alix is working on 3 new pieces: Swords & Sandals, in collaboration with Diederik Peeters and Roch Baumert, Exit, a projet by Kris Verdonck (premiere August 2011 in Berlin) and the new production of Anne Juren (premiere November 2011). She also teaches workshops, in Ljubljana, Brussels (P.A.R.T.S.), Zagreb, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Reykjavik, New York, Skolen for Moderne Dans / The Danish National School of Contemporary Dance.

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