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Dinis Machado Dinis Machado

Dinis Machado was born in Porto. He is a performer and visual artist.He trained in theater, visual arts and contemporary dance at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo, Balleteatro and Maumaus – Escola de Artes Visuais.

He has collaborated with Cão Solteiro, Miguel Loureiro, Balleteatro, Rogério Nuno Costa, André e. Teodósio, and Cátia Leitão, among others. During his training he encountered artists such as Francisco Camacho, Olga Mesa, Inaky Azpillaga.

He participated in Mugatxoan (Serralves/Arteleku), where he was mentored by Alice Chauchat, Eric Duyckaerts, Juan Domínguez, and Massimo Furlan/Claire de Ribaupierre.

Since 2006 he has created the following performances: Dramaturgia (Young Directors Gulbenkian - Teatro Taborda, Lisbon; 1º andar/Quarta Parede, Covilhã; Festival da Fábrica, Porto), Parole, Parole, Parole… (Young Directors Gulbenkian - ZDB/Negócio, Lisbon; NEC, Porto; Escrita na Paisagem, Évora), and Natureza Morta (Temps D’image/ Teatro Taborda, Lisbon).

As a visual artist he has created various installations including: Only you, E eis que de súbito descobriu uma nova porta na sua mesma e velha casa (Round the Corner), and Nowhere (A Sala Porto).

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Parole Parole Parole

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