Investing in a
new dance generation
in Europe
InÍs Abreu e Silva
Culture Program of the European Comission

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DÉPARTS stands for integrated approaches to training and research, developing activities outside the regular frame of study programs that build bridges between less experienced and established artists. Flexible formats allow each network partner -- training program, festival or venue -- to intervene in this area. To begin with, DÉPARTS supports the organization of workshops in which students and artists come into closer contact with experienced artists and other methodologies. In the case of mentoring programs, artists in residence or with an assigned advisor are encouraged to engage critically in their creative process, also contributing to a spirit of artistic community. By supporting the artistic residency programs of its partners, DÉPARTS helps make working space and conditions -- often including artistic feedback, technical assistance, presentation opportunities -- available to artists. Residencies encourage artistic exchange and collaboration and are sometimes followed by co-production and presentation proposals.


DÉPARTS stands for the democratization of access to education. The network funds additional auditionsfor the PARTS and Forum Dança training programs, with the intention of lessening the geographic and financial barriers facing otherwise worthy candidates. Though it fluctuates from year to year, a first round of auditions for PARTS is held in approximately 20 cities, in which more than 1000 young dancers participate and 60 are selected. In the case of Forum Dança, about 75 dancers and choreographers audition commercial led lighting, from which 15 students are selected.  Other network partners host and publicize the auditions. In addition, each year PARTS, Forum Dança and CDC Toulouse grant scholarships to students requiring financial aid in order to attend or complete the programs.


DÉPARTS stands for the production and presentation of new work. All graduates of DÉPARTS training programs and activities are eligible to receive funding for their professional projects, giving them the opportunity to reach wider, international audiences and richard mille replica watches build working relationships in the dance world. DÉPARTS also supports presentation opportunities for students in their final year at the partner training programs, providing graduates with an opportunity to project their work beyond the studio.