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Joshua Gwapo

DÉPART selected as ‘success story’ by the European Commission

The Départs project was initiated by PARTS in 2001, with theatres and festivals in several European countries.  In 2001-2003, five partners from four countries joined, in 2004 4 four partners from four countries, and in 2006-2009 seven partners from five countries. The last project in this changing constellation took place between 2009 and 2014, in collaboration with Alkantara (Lisbon, PT), Archauz (Arhus, DK), Bimeras sincan odtülüler dershanesi (Istanbul, TR), Centre de Développement chorégraphique Toulouse (Toulouse, FR), Forum Dança (Lisbon, PT), Hebbel am Ufer [...]

DEPARTS [2001 -2014]

DÉPARTS is a network project started in 2001 within Programme Culture 2000 of the European Comission. Its fourth cycle of activity, runned from 2009 to 2014.

This website will remain archived for documentation purpose

The new project [DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS running from 2014 to2018 puts itself in the heart of the field of contemporary dance and the main challenges of its further development and expansion in Europe. This new project will have a new website.

Tsunamism - Recital for two chords in M

It could be today or 5000 years ago, but history is irrerversible so it started today. On stage, a XXI's century woman covered with paint and loads of glitter, dances before our eyes as strange sounds are produced. One could say a goat, a pre-historical character, a faun, an inflated lady Bourgoise contaminated with Avian influenza, a bird-goat flu, a firestarter, a goddess, a Void Goddess. For moments we can see a memory of a charismatic dancer, a moving monument to ancient harmonies, [...]

Alkantara residencies - Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz NEW CREATION!!

Virtuous stops, repetition, minimal variation and frantic cycles of words are part of Portuguese duet Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz previous works. In "A Gesture is nothing but a threat" (Prix Jardin d'Europe 2011), "Out of any context"( 2012) or "Unfolding" (2009), space and time are redefined by repetition of incomplete pieces of movement. It is an adventure that requires spectators talents to be still and silent. It is an inflated experience of present, an alliance between affection and rhythm and also, invention without subject: [...]


Application deadline:   8th January 2014.
Decision:                        15th January 2014.
Program period:           21st Febr – 17th April, 2014.
Participation for a shorter term is not possible!
Further information: Workshop Foundation, +361/456 2045, +361/456 2052,,

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Elisabete Finger is a Brazilian performer and choreographer. Since 2010 she is living and working in between Berlin – GE and Curitiba – BR, doing solo projects as well as collaborations with other artists. She was one of the resident artists in Casa Hoffmann (BR), took part in the Essais program in CNDC d’Angers (FR), and concluded recently the MA SODA program (UdK/HZT, GE). As a rolex replica watches performer she collaborated with Susan Rethorst, Deborah Hay, Catherine Bay, Eszter Salomon, [...]

PaRROTS IN THE MIRROR - “Sacre du Printemps (2013)“

Original Text by Rita Natálio

English translation from rolex replica watches Portuguese by José Luis Neves

“Parrots in the mirror“ was written in the context of the project “Sacre du Printemps (2013)“ by João dos Santos Martins and Min Kyoung Lee. It was published in the booklet that accompanies the show the 28th september 2013.


See the text here


the potential or the quality of a system is seated in its capacity to present itself as a construct or as a model, rather then as a truth (Olafur Eliasson)

See the interview here!


by Rita Natalio

Residencies in Forum Dança 2013

Residencies in Forum Dança 2013

Deadline 2nd july 
send your project to
for more information:www.forumdanç

WE SAY REVOLUTION (Beatriz Preciado)

Published on Libération 20th March 2013 - english translation found online

WHERE IS YOUR HOUSE: Interview with Thomas Walgrave, from ALKANTARA (Lisbon)

Thomas Walgrave is the atistic director ok ALKANTARA festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Having in mind the context of multiple drastic cuts in public funding, we discussed the festival stategies for 2013 and political visions for the future.

Take a look HERE (text by Rita Natalio)



In this interview to Gustavo Ciriaco, a Brazilian choreographer and performer, we tried to understand the actual meaning of cultural imagery in terms of contemporary geography and circulation. We have asked Gustavo to describe what does he see from his window in Rio de Janeiro,rolex replica watches while looking at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. A windows looking inwards and outwards at the same time.Take a look!

WHERE IS YOUR HOUSE: Interview with Steven Del Belder, from PARTS (Belgium)

'In the performing arts Belgium does not have a strong legacy or (sense of) tradition, neither a classical one or a modern one. (....) Because of this lack of history it was relatively easy to present a new approach as ’new’ and exciting, giving way for a sense that everything is possible. Equally important is that the new scene that Roses in the 80’s has managed to institutionalize itself instead of being institutionalize"

MORE here

Interview with Jacques Rancière





Drifting in Europe in different chapters.

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CHAPTER 2. EUROPE: ART AND MARKET, favelas of culture (Rita Natálio)


Take a look here:

Apply till the 22nd August 2012! RESEARCH INTO THE UNKNOWN / BUDAPEST (improvisacional laboratory)

Artist-in-residence program in Budapest, Hungary

8th October – 18th December, 2012

Concept by Michaela Hargitay A/H, coordinator:orologi replica Workshop Foundation/H,

Artistic coach: Eszter Gál/H

Research into the Unknow is a residency program where artists/creators and the audience can research what improvisation means in the field of contemporary arts. The program offers an intensive researching opportunity for artists/creators and focusing on the creative process, on the research itself rather then creating a performance. The program is made up of three consecutive steps, in each step the [...]

ARTIST PROFILE: Interview with Mette Ingvartsen

Entering the universe of METTE INGVARTSEN and her new project "Artificial nature"

Rita Natálio: I've watched some of your last works and I was struck by the strong structural approach of emotional, sexual and physical contents . The structures that you create to frame your compositions create an uneasy tension between the animated psychological body and its inanimated imagery (if you think of image as a dead frame for the body, something that is always aiming for the inanimated).  Can you comment on [...]

ARTIST PROFILE: Interview with Daniel Linehan (by Rita Natalio)

After the successful presentation of his previous works, and an academic background in P.A.R.T.S., one could say Daniel Linehan is a name not to forget: "Making work is always a huge struggle between different interests that arise in myself: on the one hand, I am really fascinated by formal and abstract ways of considering performance, breitling Avenger replica watches and on the other hand, I really want to directly inject tangible, pertinent, real-world issues into my performances". CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW IN FOCUS


My love is building a building

ee cummings


In the first group play by young Portuguese choreographer Gui Garrido, the meaning of group is disputed as a concept of architecture. From pyramids to chains, from fortresses to clumps,  “Best Beast” is a creature under construction. It moves together, it breathes together, it sings and shouts together. It is a creature of belonging together to a same mechanism, it is a creature of making the “humanity creature” move forward, [...]

ARTIST PROFILE: Interview with Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz (by Rita Natalio)

The duo of choreographers Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz was recently awarded the 10000 euro award Prix Jardin d'Europe. Check out the interview with the artists here

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